About Us

The “African way”

Taste & See is a fast-casual restaurant concept that carefully unveils the West African culinary experience, serving fresh proteins, vegetables, grains, that are prepared under a West African flavor profile, packaged in a local, contemporary fashion.

Freshness and integrity are embedded in our culture. We source local ingredients and work with partners to procure natural, high-quality meats and vegetables.

Rooted in traditional African home cooking that emphasizes African-grown ingredients, Taste & See is a culinary journey into the depth, diversity, and deliciousness that the motherland has to offer.

The “African way” is deeply embedded in the food that we prepare and we welcome you to experience “Taste & See “tradition.

Taste & See is the cultural crossroads where local communities and West African culinary traditions intersect, to deliver a convenient, hospitable food experience with exquisite taste.

Our Menu

Is Rooted in African Culinary Traditions

Inspired by traditional African home cooking, our menu highlights ancient, nutrient-dense crops that have been cultivated in Africa for centuries. 

“For us, sourcing African-grown ingredients is at the heart of our business model. Not only do we want to be a platform for people to engage around traditional African food, but we also want to highlight healthy ingredients that are indigenous to the continent.

Taste & See uses aa contemporary approach to traditional, West African, cuisine.  The foundations of our recipes are curated from well-revered “home cooks,” chefs, and family members.

Each dish is rooted in West African culture, reimagined by our team of “Culinary Creatives,” and showcases a range of flavor and technique. 

We provide our guests with food that is tastefully crafted, freshly cooked and reasonably priced.

Hours of Operation

11:00am – 9:00pm

11:00am – 9:30pm

2:00pm – 6:00pm

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